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* change of address cards

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We've designed some cool tools just for you. Ease your transition to campus life... and have fun in the process! Register now, and take advantage of everything that DORMtours has to offer!
  • Haven't quite figured out a polite way to let people know what you want for graduation or need for college? Let us do it for you. Just fill out the DORMTOURS GRADUATION WISH LIST. Forward it as an e-mail to anyone. You can print it out too! Use it to coordinate shopping with your roomie. Also, you can search our database for your friends' wish lists. Give someone a gift they'll love.
  • Register: Enter your profile or search other profiles to MEET OTHER KIDS GOING TO YOUR SCHOOL!
  • Create your own CALENDER OF EVENTS. Add your college's deadlines for when deposits are due with one easy click. It'll appear on your DORMtours home page each time you log on!
  • Time running out? Let the DORMtours college COUNTDOWN CLOCK help keep you on track.
  • With all the things you have to worry about in order to get ready for college, who has time to think about voting? But it is important. Register for an ABSENTEE VOTER BALLOT!
  • Copy TRANSITION TIPS you don't want to forget.
  • Bookmark FLEAMARKET items to keep an eye on. Let the seller's loss be your gain. You can find great dorm room stuff they won't be needing, but you will!
  • Let us know what else you would like to see at My DORMtours. We welcome your ideas!