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Got Opinion? Speak out to zillions of DORMtours listeners.
  • CONTENT. Share your own transition tip with the other kids going off to college.

  • CONTESTS. Have an idea for a DORMtour contest or event?. Suggestions for a prize or free give away?

  • DORMstore PARTNERS. Is there a merchant you think kids going away to college should know about?

  • YOU. Maybe you have a talent you want to turn into a regular DORMtours feature...let us know!

  • OTHER. Really we'd like to hear pretty much anything you might have to say (about DORMtours that is. We’re sure you have a lot to say about a lot of other stuff, but this may not be the time or place).

  • TELL A SCHOOL. Don't see one of the schools you're considering at DORMtours? Let them know you were looking for them and they're missing out with an instant e-mail to their Admission and Residence Life people.

  • BE A PART of the DORMtours community. It's Free! It's confidential! Register and we'll let you know about news, contests, tips and events of special interest to you. Search for and e-mail other DORMtours registered users that will be attending your school with you.

  • TELL A FRIEND. Let your friends know about the school you're going to. Give them a tour of your DORM!

  • SEAL OF APPROVAL. Vote for your favorite dorm tour! Let the schools know they're doing a great job.
Let us hear from you!

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Snail Mail:
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e-mail: SpeakOut@DORMtours.net
Facsimile: 954 467 9301
Telephone: 877 467 9301

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