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"We all talk about improving our college's retention and transition programs for students and parents. We know it's importants, but with all our other daily responsibilities, it keeps getting put on the back burner. Finally, someone has put it all together for us! DORMtours is the perfect college retention and transition tool. They do all the work. All we have to do is sign up!"

Imagine if all your accepted freshmen could reach out and touch your University -- virtually, of course -- 24-hours-a-day on the Web. Imagine if someone else would do all the work for you to produce a custom CD-ROM with virtual tours of your freshmen residence halls and all kinds of other cool and innovative tools to ease freshmen's transition to campus life. What if they actually even provided you with enough of these amazing e-cards to send to all your accepted freshmen with your traditional acceptance materials! Now, imagine if that powerful retention tool was available to you, right now, with someone else paying for the professional photography sessions, travel, production and administration! Are you ready for DORMtours?

DORMtours can help you recruit and retain your accepted freshmen by providing information, advice and virtual tours of your freshmen dorms in a user-friendly format. For the students, DORMtours is cool, funky and fun. For your school, it will complete your existing "recruitment funnel" that normally includes campus visits, special events and telemarketing.

The truth is that DORMtours can help you ease parental anxiety and create an abundance of goodwill. Already, dozens of universities have realized the benefits of DORMtours. Shouldn’t your school be among them?

Let DORMtours help you:
  • Showcase your university to accepted and potential students who can’t visit in person or don't remember details of their visit.
  • Enable students to see 360-degree virtual tours of your freshmen dorms.
  • Provide expert "Transition Tips" helpful to incoming freshmen.
  • Showcase campus and area maps.
  • Create added value as part of your recruitment, acceptance, and enrollment information
Best of all, DORMtours is available to you right now for a nominal one-time set up! Click here for a Power Point document of Network Benefits. We handle everything for you!

Browse our web site and feel free to call us @ (877) 467-9301 or e-mail us @ any time with any questions you may have. Our University Development team has years of experience in college admissions, residence life and recruitment, just like you. We understand your needs and concerns. Allow us to share our excitement about DORMtours with you.

We will:
  • Arrange for one of our professional photographers to travel to your campus and film the necessary footage for your 360-degree virtual DORMtours. FREE
  • Provide and administer a venue for you to showcase how great your school is for incoming freshmen. FREE
  • Produce all content for your custom website pages and CD-ROMS. FREE
  • Oversee sponsorship, manufacturing and delivery of your CD-ROMS. FREE
  • Make available transition tools to your accepted freshman and their parents that they will love and appreciate. FREE
  • Create and support a virtual community that will help your incoming freshmen and their parents feel right at home - easing the transition to campus life. FREE
Let DORMtours complete your recruitment funnel. Click here for NACAC information on the importance of recruitment funnels.

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