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Are you providing college students with valuable information, products or services? Scholarship search engine? On-line applications? Related book or magazine? Shopping discounts? DORMtours is looking for on-line and off-line Content Partners that will add value for our students, schools and e-shop partners. For more information about providing content to or receiving content from, e-mail us at

We are a network of colleges and related professionals dedicated to students and their parents. Participation in DORMtours as a Content Partner reflects the value you place on college-bound students as well as the foresight to embrace the benefits of new technology. Together we form a "community" for freshmen and their parents, from the moment they are accepted to college, before they even arrive on campus. The most important thing to college-bound students is knowing they will "fit in." Therefore, our most important goal is to facilitate this. Take advantage of this synergy by spreading the word about DORMtours to schools, counselors and potential e-shop partners....they won't forget the favor! You can control how and when you want to send folks from your web site to DORMtours. We'll provide detailed feedback. For more information about linking to or from, e-mail us at

Our business model and technology, as well as the many development and operational components required to produce DORMtours have been executed with special attention to detail. This provides Content Partners an opportunity to participate in a unique and well protected concept. DORMtours is a comprehensive single resource for college-bound students, guided by the most knowledgeable well-connected group of related professionals. For information about licensing, contact us at

DORMtours Content Partners are selected based upon uniqueness, credentials and reputation, as well as relevance for college-bound students (and their parents). We are concerned, first and foremost, with long-term content quality. We are confident you will agree that DORMtours, in return, provides a unique, relevant and highly credible venue. This mutually beneficial component is fundamental to every DORMtours Content Partner arrangement. If a Content Partner is entered:

+ We will integrate your content into the DORMtours CD-ROMs.
+ We will develop, produce and deliver DORMtours CD-ROMs, and your content, to all participating colleges.
+ We will ensure that the DORMtours CD-ROMs, and your content, are distributed by each participating college directly to all their accepted Freshmen.
+ We will integrate your content into the interactive web site.
+ We will maintain the web site.
+ We will utilize on and off-line venues to promote the web site and your content.
+ We will develop and implement public relations and marketing promoting DORMtours, and your content, to college-bound students, their parents and colleges throughout the U.S and the world.
+ We will promote content in all relevant DORMtours Press Releases.

Because we know our Content Partners are busy people, we have made DORMtours Content Partner implementation as effortless as possible.

Email us at or print this page, fill in the information below and fax it to (954) 467-9301 so we can get started!

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