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It's tough to let them go, isn't it? Don't worry… they'll be fine, and so will you! Rest assured that all of us at DORMtours are committed to making the transition as easy as possible. Here are a few suggestions to help you get through this stressful time:
  • Let everyone know how proud you are... announce your student's acceptance with Brag Cards.
  • Take advantage of our Transition Tips… and let us know if you have any of your own.
  • Feel free to express your feelings on our Speak Out section.
  • Encourage your teen to use the DORMtours High School Graduation Wish List (they can attach it to Brag cards, Address cards and Tell-A-Friend!) and Change of Address Cards - it will help you to share a part of their college experience.
  • Our High School Graduation Wish List is designed to save you lots of trips to the store to return things. Check out what your teen enters so when friends ask you what to get him or her for graduation you'll know for sure. Need to pick up gifts for other kids graduating this year? Make sure they know about our High School Graduation Wish Lists. Then you can simply search our database, check out their list, and buy something they want!
  • Talk to your students about the DORMtours Job Board and Voter Registration. Making these arrangements before they get to campus will help reduce stress for both of you.
  • Use the DORMtours College Countdown Clock. After all, college is supposed to be an exciting experience… try and have some fun, ok? Use the personal calender to remember things such as deadlines for deposits. You can also enter your own important dates and copy college dates with one easy click. They'll appear on the home page each time you log in.
  • Help your teen enter dates to remember once they're at college. Family or friend birthdays, anniversaries, whatever. My DORMtours personal calendar is especially designed for this.
We're here if you need us. Contact us if you have any questions or comments. You and your college-bound child are in for one of life's most wonderful experiences. You must be very proud! Congratulations!

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