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DORMtours is the brainchild of THE VIRTUAL MEDIA NETWORK, (VMN). Since 1994, VMN has had a stellar reputation for developing proprietary innovative virtual tour applications in a variety of industries. DORMtours, a comprehensive CD-ROM and Web experience enables college bound Freshmen to virtually visit a college's Freshmen dorms and benefit from of a variety of tools designed to ease the transition to campus life.

Why did THE VIRTUAL MEDIA NETWORK identify college bound Freshmen as a group in need? Studies showed a clear void in the amount of practical real-life information available to college bound Freshman. The need for a comprehensive media outlet was expressed by countless high school and college students, and by school representatives. In an effort to create a virtual community that would benefit the students, merchants they tend to do business with and the colleges themselves, VMN introduced DORMtours.

With DORMtours, you can:
  • See virtual DORMtours from your chosen college. Now, you'll be able to express your preference for the dorm you like best.
  • Watch video of the dormís lounge. Take a look at what your new friends may look like. After all, you'll be a part of the fun, soon.
  • Shop for all of the college necessities. We've spent lots of time looking for the coolest things - all at the best prices. You'll be able to find everything you need, from comforters and sheets to a desk lamp and coffee pot, and have it all shipped directly to your new dorm room.
  • Find out where to go food shopping, clothes shopping or to have your prescriptions filled.
  • Find other students who have also been accepted to your college and email them.
  • Create a comfort level for you and your parents so that neither of you will feel stressed or anxious.
Remember, even if you don't know anyone at your new school, you've got a friend at DORMtours.

If you have a question about the VIRTUAL MEDIA NETWORK, or DORMtours, click here.

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